Diptyque Paris has been synonymous with adding refined fragrance into everyday life since 1961. From luxurious home fragrance to refined candles and bespoke perfume, the French Maison has kept reinventing itself while expanding its portfolio throughout the years. Celebrating it’s 60 year anniversary last year with a festive collection of products we all know and love, 2022 marks the embarkment on a new journey and into a brand new product category: Household cleaning. Starting off with a line of 5 products: A dishwashing liquid, multi-surface cleaner, leather and wood care lotion, perfumed ceramic, and true to the house, an odour-absorbing candle that you can light after cooking. Being a traditional house with modern values, the bottles are refillable and made from recycled glass, while the products are biodegradable and made from 99% natural ingredients.

“Swept along by the imagination of its founders and their innate sense of beauty, the Maison diptyque takes delight in inventing new ways of perfuming your days while adding enchantment to your evenings. Giant candles for indoors and outdoors, scented wax ovals and diffusers for the car to name a few, have introduced sophisticated accords to contexts where, though unexpected, have proven most welcome. Here, fresh notes courtesy of Baies. There, the woody fragrance of Figuier. A daily inspiration, and a pleasure that’s always fresh and new.

Presenting the arrival of La Droguerie, a fresh companion to diptyque’s perfumed creations, complete with assorted turns, twists and sideways steps. A full collection of household cleaning products, an invitation to care for the interior of your home, blending beauty with utility and sensual enjoyment with respect for the environment. An evolution, possibly even a domestic mini-revolution: satisfaction need no longer wait for the sight of a job well done. The fine objects in this collection are pleasing to the eye, while its fragrances send the imagination roaming.

The olfactory compositions in La Droguerie were born out of Diptyque’s perfuming expertise. Their essences, picked one by one from the Maison’s herbarium of scents, bring their unique, delicate accords to the practical tasks of everyday life. Hour by hour, from kitchen to laundry room, from bedroom to living room, a pleasing stroll amid fig trees and orange blossom, accompanied by bouquets of basil or polished wood.

Created according to the principles of eco-design, the La Droguerie collection values environmental
responsibility as highly as it does the beauty of its objects and the sensual enjoyment they provide. Its formulations, contents and fragrances keep all these promises – now and in the long term.

The liquid formulations comprise ingredients that are 99% natural, or of natural origin and are biodegradable. With the exception of the Anti-Odour Candle, they are all accredited by Ecocert, the global specialist in the certification of sustainable practices. They respect the environment and human health but needless to say, without any loss of performance.

The amber bottles in the La Droguerie collection are made of recycled glass. They can also be refilled quite easily, from refill containers that are themselves 100% recyclable. One simple motion, and they’re full again. Sold without box or instruction leaflet, each year these refills save an average of two tonnes of paper along with a significant amount of ink. The Ceramic Oval for wool and delicate textiles with cedar wood can also be refilled in a moment. Enduring beauty combined with reduced waste.

Found in the Diptyque Droguerie is a dishwashing liquid with orange blossom, cleaning brush, a multi-surface cleaner with vinegar, a leather and wood care lotion with beeswax, a ceramic oval for wool or delicate textures with cedar wood, and an anti-odour candle with basil.

Created by the perfumer Olivier Pescheux, a friend of the Maison diptyque, the fragrances are formulated using natural ingredients certified by Ecocert. They are delicately measured and ideal for combining with the Maison’s scandles and perfume diffusers in countless permutations. Here, as so often, association generates inspiration.”

Diptyque and La Droguerie are available in the Diptyque store in Amsterdam, at Skins Cosmetics, and on diptyqueparis.com.