Spring 2024

The collaboration between Laura Facey and I took form as a sort of exquisite corpse. The work in this collaboration is taken from Laboratory of the Ticking Heart (Ormsby Hall, Kingston Jamaica 1 May – 29 July 2022). Facey’s oeuvre was developed for this show, before we had met. I saw her show, and it lingered with me– it had a haunting energy, one that prompted me to reflect, once again, upon the history and legacy of slavery in the Caribbean.

We connected online, and she invited me to her studio and place of residence in St. Ann, Jamaica. There, some of the pieces from that show were installed in her home and the “Egg House” on her property. She gave me her pieces, and I took them with me to do my part. I turned the chalk drawing Seed (2022), a piece she made in the last weeks before her show, into a print on cotton. I left the entirety of the piece intact, manipulating it loosely around the body. She made miniature versions of her wood-carved hearts for me. I took them and strung them from the body, at the neck, at the abdomen, and hanging from the ear. I returned to her residence with what I had made. She wore them and performed in front of the camera in them, completing the exquisite corpse.

Published by Asia Lanzi