Cultivating the art de vivre and gastronomy cherished by Christian Dior, who readily described himself as a “gourmand”, the House is revealing a new series of chocolate creations as Easter approaches. Presented at the Pâtisserie of 30 Montaigne, these irresistible delicacies – works of art in themselves – reinterpret iconic Dior silhouettes, such as the Junon and Tourbillon dresses. 

Shaped like an exquisite sculpture, the timeless Bar jacket – an emblem of the New Look – is also unveiled among these exceptional pieces, embodying the convergence of virtuoso skills, from couture to the culinary arts. Delicious surprises – hidden in these unique models that can be kept for over a year – can be enjoyed on the spot or taken away in a poetic box that prolongs this delectably elegant experience. 

A refined celebration of the pleasures of the palate.