The spring-summer 2021 ready-to-wear show offers a fresh opportunity to bear witness to the pluralistic richness of cultures through the singular and powerful prism of women’s voices.

Starting from that premise, Maria Grazia Chiuricombines, at the heart of her collection, two precious techniques – Indonesian ikat and chiné, which was developed in Europe in the 16th century – both of which consist of coloring the warp threads before weaving, true standard-bearers and the Ariadne’s thread behind these unique silhouettes. Originally created in Asia, these emblematic ancestral fabrics have given life to numerous variations and reinventions that share a common origin.

One of the Creative Director’s favorite materials for its graphic, couture spirit, chiné enhanced a flared coat from 1959 — evoking the Trapeze line created for Dior by the founding couturier’s successor, Yves Saint Laurent. Today, its delicate silk threads constellate reversible coats and jackets, reinterpreting House symbols such as paisley and the signature toile de Jouy. Like a fascinating encounter, the reverse side of these pieces is patterned with traditional ikats made by weavers in Bali, reflecting an infinitely precious savoir-faire. This extremely refined, exceptional craftsmanship is a language in itself, a way of expressing and affirming femininity that resonates more than ever given the committed philosophy upheld by the Creative Director of Dior women’s collections. An approach of solidarity, and a captivating dialogue between Dior and Indonesian craftswomen celebrate excellence and allow this unique heritage to radiate around the world.

By passing down this priceless heritage and its fascinating transformations over time as well as through various encounters and changing lifestyles, this collection pays homage to both the formidable diversity of savoir-faire and the virtuosity of the petites mains that weave it. An inspiring encounter that reiterates Maria Grazia Chiuri’sdesire to highlight world cultures and to juxtapose and assemble words, images and prints: a spellbinding creative odyssey, from text to textile. In order to protect this unique world heritage, and in keeping with initiatives by the Indonesian government, Dior is committed to working hand-in-hand with local experts and artisans to safeguard this cultural asset and ensure that its precious techniques live on.