Abstract and organic, in the words of Victoire de Castellane, the Gem Dior collection was born from a subtle harmony between nature and couture. Distinguished by its graphic lines, it reinterprets – in the form of mineral strata – the fabric samples once pinned on the walls of Christian Dior’s ateliers.

Combining refinement and simplicity, Gem Dior reinvents itself through a selection of rings and bracelets. Following one another in “organized chaos”, the multiple facets of these exceptional creations play on the effects of volume and disconnection. The polishing stage, carried out with absolute meticulousness, sublimates each jewel by revealing the gold’s unique brilliance. A celebration of Dior’s inventiveness and the excellence of its savoir-faire.

Dressed in yellow, pink or white gold, sometimes set with diamonds, these ultra-contemporary models, for both men and women, offer infinite ways of being worn. A fascinating fusion of modernity and precision, to discover on video.