” I want to respect the joys of chance, ” Monsieur Dior wrote in his memoirs. Raised in Granville, Normandy, in a villa facing the sea whose emblem and name were the “Rhumbs,” a marine term designating a quarter-wind on a thirty-two point compass rose, the couturier readily embraced the divinatory arts. Moreover, in 1946, when he came across a metal star on his path, he saw it as a sign of good luck and confirmation that the time had come to create the House of Dior.

Since 2015, Victoire de Castellane has been celebrating Christian Dior’s lucky star through Rose des vents , a collection conceived as an odyssey on the four winds. Coming from all horizons, semi-precious stones in Monsieur Dior’s favorite colors adorn reversible medallions. Edged with a gold rice grain setting recalling a sailor’s rope, each motif is like a caress by the wind transformed into a jewel, to be worn showing an eight-pointed gold star set with a sparkling diamond, or its other face, set with white mother-of-pearl, pink opal, turquoise, lapis lazuli or onyx. ” The compass rose immediately conveys this lovely idea of a journey, and for me, the creation of a jewel or a work of art means going to the end of something. It’s the wind, it’s the elsewhere, the guide that shows the way, ” explains the Artistic Director of Dior Joaillerie.

The voyage dreamed up this year by Victoire de Castellane for the Rose des vents collection takes on a colorful allure with double spiral hoops in beaded yellow gold punctuated by carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise and malachite. Meanwhile, Rose Céleste frame a smiling sun and a lullaby moon, motifs that return on pendants with a diameter of up to 25mm. Enlivening ear pendants and a supple cuff, colors truly take wing on a triple-strand necklace with sixteen compass roses. Edged in beaded yellow gold, the motifs make green malachite dance with deep blue lapis lazuli and the exotic turquoise, while pink opal and orange carnelian play off intense black onyx or golden-brown tiger’s eye. Chiseled out of white mother-of-pearl, motifs Monsieur Dior cherished, such as the rose, the bee and the lily of the valley – sprigs of which he would have sewn into dress hems on the day of his fashion shows – as well as a double heart and the skull and crossbones surround the compass rose on a talismanic necklace and bracelet. The bee and the lily of the valley round out these lucky charms – and are available as playful mono-earrings.