Completing the looks of the Dior Fall 2023 Men’s line dreamed up by Kim Jones, the B33 are punctuated with iconic Dior codes. Combining functionality and refinement, these models will be available from July 13 in three enchanting versions: the first is enhanced by mohair, the second by the essential Dior oblique toile and the third is adorned with this emblematic design reimagined in denim for the Dior tearscapsule.

This triptych of exceptional accessories, celebrating the house’s spirit of innovation, includes an encrypted digital key using NFC technology – placed in the sole of each right foot – that leads to a personal, secure platform offering dedicated services. Within this space, everyone can access the shoes’ certificate of authenticity (based on Aura Blockchain Consortium Technology), additional information on the different stages of manufacturing, as well as preview announcements for future sneaker launches. In this way, Dior works like an inventive laboratory, in perpetual motion, deploying collaborative intelligence in search of pioneering solutions. A unique connected experience, perpetuating the art of detail and excellence dear to christian Dior.