The beach capsule for the Dior Fall 2024 collection in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans

On the occasion of the launch of the Dior Fall 2024 Men’s line, Kim Jones perpetuates the dialogue initiated with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization and impact network taking action against ocean pollution, developing concrete strategies and solutions through creative collaboration and eco-innovation. 

Together, they have dreamed up a committed beach capsule, reflecting Dior’s desire to move towards a more sustainable fashion. Like an ode to the house’s constantly renewed inventiveness, the pieces are sublimated by a palette of mineral colors, from aqua green to blue tones, contrasted by shades of white or gray. By turns, the graphic dior italic signature or the emblematic dior oblique adorn these unique models that include waterproof capes, t-shirts and H-town sandals. celebrating the splendor of the marine universe, a coral print motif magnifies a short-sleeved shirt, shorts and even a bob.

The season’s bags, such as the Dior 8 and the multi-wear reversible tote, are made in lightweight fabrics and promise flexibility as well as functionality for a modern, casual look. an exceptional alliance under the banner of excellence and boldness to be discovered from May 16, 2024.