From the Thames to the Seine, the great rivers of London and Paris reflect the idea of movement that inhabits the Dior Winter 2023-2024 collection dreamed up by Kim Jones. It is a celebration of a fluctuating, dual world, brought to life by a series of shots, signed by Rafael Pavarotti, where purity and sophistication converge.

The decor alternately adorned with shades of black and gray, Monsieur Dior’s signature colors, reveals softened silhouettes: clothes hybridize and metamorphose according to their fit on the person wearing them. Coats become capes thanks to ingenious zippers, formal yet casual. Icons of tailoring are reinvented and revitalized, with rigorous pleating in pants, jackets playing on trompe-l’œil effects, and classic shirts enhanced by double sleeves, creating unprecedented volume.

Elegance is combined with a concern for comfort and functionality in every piece, including the sculptural knits that offer sumptuous drapes reproducing the undulation of waves.

The complexity of the looks, between poetic simplicity and extreme precision, is further underlined by the virtuosity of the accessories. Iconic models like the Saddle, revisited in an exclusive metal version, the Saddle Boxy, the Dior Gallop dressed in Dior Oblique Gravity leather, and the new Dior Pillow, allude to irresistible allure. The Dior Caroline is reinterpreted in derbies, using a 3D printing technique that pushes the limits of innovation, and timelessly modern ankle boots in leather. The final touches are hats thought up by Stephen Jones, a subtle homage to the seafaring wardrobe.

This collection is a multifaceted ode to the Maison’s heritage and the very essence of fashion: the beautifully useful.