Infinitely delicate, the creations of the Dearest Dior collection display a virtuoso savoir-faire in a new interpretation of the subtlety of lace, metamorphosed in a gold-adorned version. Each piece combines elegance and lightness thanks to the conception of remarkably supple mesh sheets, the result of extensive research and development. 

The lines and articulations have been carefully studied to adapt perfectly to the curves of the hand, wrist and neck. The mounts of the necklaces, rings and bracelets are so airy they seem to disappear, leaving diamonds and rubies, pearls and tourmalines, blue, pink or yellow sapphires to reveal their shimmering shades in complex compositions, evoking the intertwining of refined guipure. Celebrating the art of detail dear to Dior, the precious stones are applied individually by hand – as if stitched in a goldsmith’s ribbon – with great meticulousness from the artisan. A poetic dialogue between jewelry and couture.