The sky is blue, so very blue. The flowers are beautiful and
their colours explode in the powdery light. Natalie portman
looks us in the eyes, as beautiful as ever and
convinced that: “love is a bouquet”.

Filmed and photographed by Camilla Akrans, the radiant star is jubilant, embodying more than ever before the soul of a strong-willed and twirling miss dior who loves life.

Miss Dior blooming bouquet tells all this in a fragrance of contrasts, where the opening is as lively and decisive as love at first sight, which is announced by a vivid note of dapper and fruity sweet pea, enhanced by a hint of ever so slightly bitter zesty bergamot.

Ever more luxurious, the Miss Dior blooming bouquet bottle
takes a light approach by reducing its glass weight, and chooses to follow Miss Dior eau de parfum by adorning itself with a new, signature couture bow.