Haute couture shapes its temporality and evolves according to its own process, where history and excellence are integrated into every beat of the present. With this Dior haute couture autumn-winter 2023 2024 line, Maria Grazia Chiuri pursues her ideal of haute couture: the creations underline the sartorial elements that can be described as archetypal, such as the tunic, the peplum, the cape and the stole.

Models compose a hieratic sequence as if in the steps of all the divinities who have ruled and still rule the world. A vertical silhouette, flat shoes. The colors selected are white, beige, silver and pale gold. With each new look, the Artistic Director perpetuates the cult of the goddess and reinterprets the founding emblems of Antiquity.

The défilé becomes a contemporary ritual, illustrating the strength and fragility of femininity, which supports and sustains the community we form. Recalling the past, it guides us towards a vision of the future endowed with sensitivity and essential attention to detail.