08 February

Dior Homme presents the new Eau de Toilette "I’m your man"


A new Dior Homme is born. A newintensely woody Eau de Toilette by François Demachy. Masculine sensuality is reinvented with Robert Pattinson in a mesmerizing new film.


A perfume – And a man to go with it. Spellbinding, stylish and sophisticated.



STOP: What does it even mean to be a man today? Everything is changing, everything is shifting. Dior Homme asks this question with strength and determination precisely because he is a “Dior man.” His answer is clear, straightforward, and sensual: “I’M YOUR MAN” Like Leonard Cohen, he proclaims his feelings and accepts his emotions.



A direct, clear-cut perfume. Yet one that is also tender and facetted. In his image. The new Dior Homme is a declaration of reinvented sensuality; A strong, extremely woody sensation with a caress of spices. A confident scent, very present, yet decidedly open.



If you want another kind of love...

A new, masculine sensuality that redefines itself with an overdose of wood that is both rough and smooth. Like a block of intensity, albeit one that claims a tenacious and luminous freshness.



This new Dior Homme has an obviously virile signature. Which doesnt prevent it from developing tender, sensual aspects. In the end, it came down to creating a portrait of modern man.” François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator




Here I stand The new Dior Homme is crafted from a block of frank, sensual wood.It is an iconic, reassuring Wood that is open and welcoming. It says right off, “I am a man,” but hides the interlacing wood facets that sculpt it. It unsettles with its somewhat burnt, leathery, even animal charm.Then soothes you with its light and smooth, almost liquid accents.This versatile scent is open to nuances and differences. A sensual soul torn by opposing forces.It is physical, yet fresh. It clothes, surrounds and envelops you-- weightlessly.Leaving a tenacious trace and a tender imprint. The strength and caress are deliberate. A rough Wood, sculpted by the hand of Dior.