‘ We carry so much weight and yet we move forward.
We feel it’s our duty to push ourselves to unknown
limits and prove we are not wrong.
Sometimes we choose paths that go beyond
expected and further than we planned. I already
figured it out. The new you is already alive and
waiting beyond fears.
There is where I go. That’s my destination by taken
fear with my hand and walking with blind eyes
because in the darkest hours is when you see the clearest. ‘

Daniel, what has been the most memorable travel destination so far for you, and what is the one that is still on your bucket list?

This is a question that I get asked very frequently and have never come up with a definite answer. I have traveled all over the world for the past years and I think that all of my adventures are unique. Every place I visit is memorable, some trips are better than others but it depends on who you go with, and the mood you are in. if I had to answer this question, I would say that Africa is the continent that has filled me up with energy every time I’ve gone and has something special that will always keep me going. A place that has been on my bucket list for quite a while is Antarctica. This destination always comes to my mind when I see travel documentaries and would be a dream come true.

What would you say is your favorite and the hardest part of your job?

My favorite part of my job would be the access I have to meeting different people, the places I’ve visited because of my job and the experiences I’ve encountered that make me who I am today. The hardest part of my job would be the fact that I don’t have a routine that allows me to be in one place at a time and working on my phone is sometimes a bit frustrating.

Tell us about your future plans…Any new exciting ventures coming up?

In the near future, I would love to keep doing what I do but would also like to dedicate my time to creating and implementing my ideas into other projects.


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