DIESEL is proud to announce DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR, a new series of collections that address the need for more environmentally respectful practices in the fashion industry.

DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR is the first major initiative aligned with DIESEL’s For Responsible Livingstrategy, which focuses on a commitment to a more sustainable future, including the regular use of upcycling in production and adapting to a changing world. The strategy is based on four key pillars: Be The Alternative, Stand For The Planet, Celebrate Individuality andPromote Integrity.

Upcycling and creative reuse is the process of ‘transforming existing products, waste material and deadstock into new products’. It reduces the consumption of raw materials, as well as decreasing energy use, air and water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions – essentially, it is the creation of something new, by using what we have already. 

The brand will appoint different designers and creative minds for every new DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR collection. The aim is to showcase how upcycling can be interpreted through the creativity of the different designers and explore the endless possibilities of upcycling. 

The first collection in the DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR series kicks off with a throwback partner: 55DSL. In a past forwardreinterpretation, inspiration was drawn from DIESEL’s iconic heritage denim to create a colorful, sporty aesthetic. Deadstock, archive pieces and prototypes were reworked to create a completely reimagined limited-edition product run. 

DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL takes bold dashes of color, tie-dye treatments, usage of mineral dyes, mixed materials and overlapping logos to create a fresh and bright summer lineup of only 5055 pieces, with a strong denim focus on account of DIESEL’s heritage. 

Transparency is key for this collection. That’s why each piece of the DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL has a QR code that can be scanned, directing the purchaser to a landing page that will detail the making of the garment, with a photographic timelineof all the processes used. 

The capsule collection  was presented on February 22, 2020, during Milan Fashion Week. In a made now, buy nowformat, the collection will be shown in a classroom-esque live performance, with seamstresses making live pieces of the collection in front of the audience. Music will be a strong component of the experience, during which the mechanical sounds of upcycling will be played by artists, creating music through the reuse of objects. 

DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL is available from today on diesel.com, in select DIESEL flagship stores and in a network of select retailers worldwide.

Timotej Letonja