It takes a village to create a Diesel campaign. Specifically, the village of Breganze, Italy, home of Diesel HQ, where hundreds of staff members star in the Fall 2023 shoot inspired by children’s puzzle games. 

There are lots of Diesel-clad characters for you to spot. Woof! It’s all in the D-tails. Diesel’s Fall 2023 campaign is an irreverent, adults-only play on classic children’s puzzle books in which characters and objects are hidden within densely packed, wildly imaginative scenes all over the world. Instead of following a single cartoonish character on his travels and travails, we discover many who inhabit the land of Diesel as envisioned by Creative Director Glenn Martens, Art Director Chris Simmonds and Photographer Johnny Dufort. 

Shot in Breganze, Italy, where Diesel’s global headquarters is located, since its creation in 1978, the campaign features six hero shots, each one focusing on a group of models surrounded by hundreds of Diesel staff members including Renzo Rosso, to create a series of surreal, absurd, amusing and everyday scenes cropped and reassembled to make a manic composite village shot. 

The six hero group of models wear looks from Glenn Martens’ Fall Winter 2023 collections both Pre and Runway. New denim includes pieces from the Biker Darts, Cargo Denim and Coated Outerwear ranges. The Earth Tone group introduces a new textural palette focusing on a range of brown, camel and burgundy with utilitarian outerwear and velvet Runway pieces which are designed to standout in a crowd. Devoré Denim is applied to sheer tulle for a burnout effect and a voluminous Artisanal destroyed denim coat brings to mind faux fur. A moto jacket looks like it’s been melted with a blowtorch. Pop photo prints of closeups of maniacal toothy grins are applied to shiny jackets, tube tops and miniskirts. Sporty hoodies, T-shirts and moto and utility wear are reimagined in racer prints, webby, destroyed knits and cracked leather. Accessories include watches and sunglasses embedded within the carwash and barbecue scenes. 

From September 8th 2023 be ready to start the search! In the age of 24/7 global digital surveillance, wherever you go, we can find you. And you can find us. We’re bringing the “Find the D” campaign to life with an interactive game that clients, fans and guests can play for real prizes, users can register at The game will unfold over the course of two months and each week players are tasked with finding a specific hidden object within the zoomable image. Those who successfully find the object are entered into a drawing to win prizes including a 1DR bag, an Oval D belt skirt, caps, sneakers, sunglasses, watches, Diesel sex toys, fragrances and more.