The two locations, located in Amsterdam and Washington, D.C., capture Martens’ design acumen with immersive, daring architecture and interiors. (Additional sites will follow.)

DIESEL is proud to unveil a new pop-up store concept in both Europe and the United States; it is the first such activation envisioned by the label’s creative director Glenn Martens. The European location is situated at Amsterdam PC Hooftstraat. The U.S. pop-up features at Tyson’s Corner Center, a premier retail complex just adjacent to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Upon entering both spaces, customers are enveloped in DIESEL’s “For Successful Living” ethos; the immediate impression is one of boundary-pushing retail, blending a unique atmospheric experience with the physical act of shopping.

These pop-ups pay homage to DIESEL’s DNA and heritage. The stores use the company’s red tag aesthetic and hue as a primary design feature. Top to bottom, floor to ceiling, the spaces are painted in DIESEL’s iconic red. In tandem, elements of discontinuity and transformation are layered into the architecture; a “For Successful Living” logo is distorted and printed across the entirety of both stores, and is only legible when viewed from their entryways. The immersion engages the visitors’ senses on all levels, leaving a strong and lasting impression.