Two competitors. One goal. Diesel introduces DIESEL❤VES, envisioned as a continuous capsule in which two iconic brands share creative and manufacturing resources to find impactful solutions.

Diesel is proud to introduce DIESEL❤VES, an ongoing program and open call-to-action for fellow brands — typically considered our competitors — to share existing materials, manufacturing and creative resources to empower change.

Envisioned by Creative Director Glenn Martens as a challenge to the industry standard of brand collaborations, DIESEL❤VES proposes a more purposeful approach to the cult of brand partnerships, applying collective creativity to the perennial problem of overproduction.

For each DIESEL❤VES collection, Diesel will put its unsold stock at the disposal of a joint creative team and invite a brand collaborator to do the same. The result is a limited-edition capsule made entirely from existing materials, a 50/50 between the two brands.

100% of the profits of DIESEL❤VES will go to UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency via the OTB Foundation, Diesel’s parent company’s philanthropic arm which is working with UNHCR on several projects in different parts of the world.

The first partner in DIESEL❤VES is Lee®, the iconic American denim company founded in 1889. DIESEL❤VES LEE® is a special collaboration between two global denim brands — competitors, each with its own history and massive reach — coming together for one common goal. The partnership between Diesel and Lee® represents the power of denim to unite us all. As the everyday uniform of modern life, denim is something everyone has in common despite our differences.

Each pair of DIESEL❤VES LEE jeans is constructed from fabric sourced from both brands’ respective unsold stock. One half Diesel, one half Lee®, the jeans are either Diesel denim on the front and Lee® on the back or vice versa. Artisanally conceived and crafted to embrace differences in length and rise, each of the 3,000 limited-edition DIESEL❤VES LEE jeans is one of a kind.

A preview of the DIESEL❤VES LEE capsule will be available Dec.15 exclusively on for Europe and Japan, with the full collection launching in March 2024 on both brands’ websites.

Diesel calls on fellow brands and competitors — within and beyond the world of denim — to become collaborators in DIESEL❤VES. Contact for more information.