Dhruv Kapoor’s Spring/Summer 2025 co-ed show is an open letter about his personal journey through life. Observations from his childhood to his adulthood paved the runway, between innocence and desire showing growth in a delicate and sensitive manner. Taking us back to a time where gender norms where not ruling our lives and feelings had more value than controlled thoughts, the playfulness of this collection is heartwarming.

To confess this story of growth, Dhruv Kapoor presented a real-life evolution on the runway. Childlike rebellion evolves into a matured understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Slouchy 90’s fits led the way, meeting well-crafted silhouette, summer jorts and cotton sheets draped into tailored jackets. 

Oversized dad shoes enhanced the “back in time” effect, affirming that we need to borrow from the past in order to better dive in the future. Handcrafted embroideries emerging from traditional Indian artifacts bring a very personal touch the whole, showcasing the beautiful concept of the collection and the vulnerability needed to bring it to life.