During the upcoming edition of DGTL Festival at the NDSM Wharf from March 29 to 31, the unveiling of the DGTL Dome will take place, an interactive installation accessible to visitors of the festival on March 30 and 31. This edition marks a historic moment, as it is the very first collaboration between the Stedelijk Museum, ABN AMRO and DGTL. Together, they are inviting festival visitors to immerse themselves in this extraordinary dome, which marks a milestone in their collaboration.

The collaboration, initiated by ABN AMRO, deepens the long-standing partnership between DGTL and ABN AMRO. Together with the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the three parties join forces to promote equal opportunities in the arts and culture sector, bridge the gender gap and provide a platform for new emerging talent. 

The realization of the DGTL Dome takes “art at a festival” to a new dimension, by offering “experience art” entirely in line with a festival visitor’s expectations. Immerse yourself in the holographic 360-degree experience, where each element pulses with energy through audio-reactive software, allowing visitors to seamlessly merge into the entirety of the installation.

Led by DGTL, ABN AMRO and the Stedelijk Museum, this initiative sends a signal promoting equal opportunities within the arts and culture sector. It is a platform where emerging talent is given the spotlight and their own multidisciplinary and interactive creations are showcased, co-curated by the Stedelijk Museum.

Enter an environment where a dynamic mix of music, art and performance merge. Immerse yourself in intimate live sets by Coloray, Nkisi, Oceanic and Venus Ex Machina, where the line between artist and audience blurs until it disappears completely. The DGTL Dome is an interactive playground where visitors are always an integral part of the works and performances on display. Even when there are no performances, the installation invites interaction and exploration, so that every moment in the DGTL Dome is filled with surprises and discoveries. The ticket shop is now online.