For Spring-Summer 2023, Maison Kitsuné is presenting its campaign in three parts – an immersive adventure through their universe, stopping in three destinations: an otherworldly utopia, a fantastical outdoors, and an imagined cityscape. From January through June, follow Maison Kitsuné in its exploration of everywhere, liberated from the confines of reality: a world which deserves to be discovered, and which showcases the irreverent ease, optimistic outlook and utilitarian practicality which define the brand.

In each space, the collection expresses a different part of its personality from the playful sensibility expressed in a hedonistic utopia, to an adventurous pragmatism suited to a natural vista. This is a poetic celebration of escapism and exploration, from the country to the city – and the places in between. A brand defined by its consistent curiosity about the world, and its ability to adapt to every environment, Maison Kitsuné finds its home everywhere.