Dutch native Dennis Quin, has made a name for himself in the house music scene throughout the years. His productions are recognisable and unmistakable, comprised of heavy bass-lines with rolling dance floor rhythms. Fluctuating through Deep House and Tech House, his DJ sets are composed of unreleased music of his own, combined with the one of friends. A noticeable highlight is the collaboration and friendship with Kerri Chandler – his remix of Kerri’s “You’re In My System” that opened doors internationally. Dennis Quin’s music is supported by the artists like Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Louie Vega, Marco Carola and Benny Rodrigues. His primary goal is to create timeless music rather than a hype. This summer he released ‘Temptation’ EP, a project that embodies leads and lays down a choppy bass line, euphoric piano keys, classic rave stabs and heavy vocal lick alongside his signature swinging robust down style. An uplifting sunny EP containing the bouncy, rolling sound of summer!

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Check out the EP here

Born and raised in the Netherlands and now based in Amsterdam. Please tell us more about your musical background and connection to house music?

I played the piano for fun since I was a kid and took some lessons when I grew up. I first went out early nineties to a club called ‘The Palace’ near Amsterdam when I heard House music for the first time. I was instantly hooked and started to buy Vinyl records to play on my bed-room-DJ turntable setup.

Congratulations on the launch of your new EP, ‘Temptation,’ coming out on your new vinyl label. How would you describe the creative and thought process of the project? And what elements have you incorporated that are different from your previous work?

Thanks! Yess, so actually it’s a self-releasing label simply called ‘DQ’ I’ve been struggling getting some of my tunes signed on certain labels in the past, so I wanted to create an outlet for my own tracks, that might not fit completely within
boundaries. Actually the two EP series ‘The Gryphon’ which was released as the first part of two limited edition colour Vinyl records, contains tracks from the spectrum of Oldskool Rave vibes up until more ‘Club-House’ Temptation sees next to synth-based tracks, also two tracks that are more dusty /underground and UK style influenced. It’s great to see artist who I admire and respect such as the guys from Slapfunk Records (Samuel Deep & Julian Alexander) and Chris Stussy are supporting tracks from my latest EP.

What keeps your creative juices flowing?

Whenever I’m stuck finding and capturing creativity, I start to make mixes / listen to other genres like Blues / Hiphop / Soul to gather ideas for melodies / grooves, and just before I know it myself, I got inspiration from a single note or hook. I can work quite fast once this is happening, sometimes, once in a flow I can easily put out two or three tracks a day.

How would you describe the vision of your new label? What are the core values, and what message would you like to inspire people and supporters with?

DQ is my outlet for releasing my own music within the broader spectrum of House /Tech-House / Deep / UK Garage, without worrying that it needs to fit within a (sub)genre or box. The most important value I like to label are‘ Timeless and no hype-based music’ at least as I see it myself.

What is your connection to vinyl, and from your perspective, why do you think it’s so important to keep pressing records instead of just going digital (long waiting periods, etc.)?

I started DJ-ing when there was vinyl only, so I learned the craft of it. I love to play vinyl records in my sets now and then also for the fun of it and keeping in interesting for myself. I’ve always wanted to press my music on vinyl and not only ‘standard’ black vinyl but something that would stand out, If you look at the product it’s high quality, shiny neon fluorescent colours, so I wouldn’t do it for less quality wise!

You describe yourself as a “curator of undiscovered sounds.” When digging for these particular sounds, what means do you use to retrieve them? 

Next to playing hardware synthesizers or software-based ones, I sample a lot. Doing it the oldskool way, just jamming on my keyboard with the parts and that could be anything, processing existing samples from a pack in a way that it becomes my own, or even sounds or nature / spoken words. I actually now and then record my own voice to layer it within my music.

You have worked with talents such as Kerri Chandler, Todd Terry. Are there any ongoing collaborations that you would like to share with us?

Kerri Chandler and I have something special, I can call him a close friend for sure, he’s always there to talk about anything in life, not only about music and takes his time. He is one of the most humble and dedicated persons I know.
We’ve made a track together that eventually will come out. I’ve just finished my remix for Louie Vega and Moodymann for Louie’s (remix) Album ‘ Expansions in the NYC’ that will come out before Autumn I guess. Such a privilege being able to remix these legends’ music. I also love to work with great talented musicians for original tracks. With the most talented vocalist Zoë Phillips from the UK, I’ve produced an original song which will come out on Jamie Jones’ label later this year.

What are your up-and-coming projects and gigs for the summer?

My summer schedule is crazy, traveling a lot from Ibiza, Barcelona, Croatia, the UK, Germany back and forth to gigs in the Netherlands, in between weekdays I normally prepare new music and finish ideas that come across. Some show highlights up until the end of this summer. I’m playing in Ibiza twice up until the 1st week of October and super excited to
reveal where I will be playing prime-time, Unfortunately I can’t tell just yet. Some other highlights are: Straf_werk Festival Amsterdam Mysteryland Festival Haarlemmermeer (Near Amsterdam) at the PIV stage Colorado Charlie w/ Alan Fitzpatrick playing after me. I’m gonna do a transition set from House up until Techno, super excited on this one.

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Interview by Joiah Luminosa