At the very core of Delvaux’s history is an uncompromising devotion to savoirs and savoir-faire. Hard-earned wisdom translated into the practical yet extraordinary expertise of artisanal leather-making craft that began in Brussels in 1829. The height of the Industrial Revolution, the 19th century was also the cradle of luxury, a time when the advent of accessible travel began opening the world. With it came the demand for new designs and an increasingly liberated life, paving the way for women to play an increasingly central role in society. Ever the pioneer, Delvaux launched the first patent for a women’s fine leather handbag in 1908 – aptly named “Princesse” – inventing the modern handbag as we know it.

Les Savoirs et Savoir-Faire

“Our philosophy is the constant dialogue between legacy and design, art and technique, to invent a meaningful future,” says Delvaux’s CEO, Jean-Marc Loubier. “We also love pushing boundaries in the company of other outstanding individuals to pave the way to an unexpected harmony. The concept of this presentation is a live departure using different savoirs, savoir-faire and identities, grounded in the curiosity of research, the willingness to share and the pleasure to find the exceptional in every day.”

Les Compagnons

“As such, Delvaux has gathered a host of exceptional individuals to complement the dynamics of its design studio to tell a story of shared values and powerful transmission, presented live throughout the week.”

The dynamics of Delvaux’s design studio and the discipline of Delvaux’s own artisans will be enriched by the Van der Kelen School’s trompe l’oeil mastery, held together by Jack Flanagan’s harmonious set design, and given a pulse by Frederic Sanchez’ hypnotic sound design. On a separate floor, the rarified eye of gallerist Patrick Fourtin brings to life an utterly original selection of museum-quality furniture and artworks to create a sublime respite for guests to feel at home.


Delvaux transports the magic and mastery of the Arsenal, its Brussels headquarters and atelier, to Paris, creating an immersive bruxellois universe within a Parisian hôtel particulier. The space is transformed, its entrance reimagined as the Arsenal’s distinctive glass and metal conservatory with its light-filled, skyward vistas rendered exquisitely by Van der Kelen, the oldest remaining school (founded in1882) devoted exclusively to the technique of hand-painted trompe l’oeil.

So too, the Delvaux atelier itself, reduced to its very essence – the artisan, his leather and his tools – has been transposed to Paris, where the intricate weaving process of Delvaux’s signature Arsenal leather Brillants alongside the painstaking art of hand- painted leather will result in 3 pieces, created and finished in situ.


Propelling the audience forward on a voyage through time, the installation brings to life the exceptional 19th century philosophy of les Arts Décoratifs that continues to fuel and fascinate the Maison: “le beau dans l’utile.” Guests are ushered toward the Airess, a new silhouette inspired by Delvaux’s own pioneering Avia Airess suitcase (1946). A revolution in weightless travel design, its proprietary hole-punched aluminium interior has been reimagined as modernist surface for this architectural tote. Crafted in soft yet resolute Taurillon leather, the new Airess is a versatile, trapezoidal shopping bag defined by exacting circular cut-outs, and emblematic of Delvaux’s quest to bridge the worlds of design, luxury and exploration.

Caprice et Caprices

The journey culminates with the Caprice. An elegant and forceful architectural study, the structured, top-handle silhouette represents the most extreme and captivating of Delvaux’s savoirs and savoir-faire. First rediscovered in Elizabeth Taylor’s personal collection, the Caprice embodies the pinnacle of the Delvaux studio’s mastery of imagination and rigour.

The installation’s final station is a phalanx of 85 Caprices, each arranged on its own pedestal in military formation. A collection of 70 black Box Calf styles offset a single row of exceptional designs that elevate the handbag to a rare art form: 15 limited edition Caprices, each an exquisite sculpture showcasing an uncommon and uncompromising heritage technique, including malachite, ebony, glass, springbok, hammered steel, crystal and ceramic… Surrounding it, large panels of majestic black marble trompe l’oeil, painted in situ over the course of a week, progressing day by day until the entire room has been dressed.

With these exceptional designs and companions, Delvaux lionises the art of craft and transcends the contemporary standard of luxury.