It is 1974 when De’Longhi enters the market as the number one brand for oil-filled radiators. In the years that followed, the global brand created a range of iconic products like Pinguino and the Magnifica. The range of innovative products is today extended to every part of the house. Through which millions of people, at home, experience the pleasure of their own De’Longhi.

The Italian art of making coffee

From living room to kitchen, De’Longhi has found its way into every room of the House. Within the latter segment, coffee machines currently represent the heart of the brand and have led De’Longhi to be one of the world leaders in the field of unique coffee experiences. The machines meet the diverse needs of coffee lovers, thanks to the latest technology and excellent design. De’Longhi is therefore it is not for nothing that the worldwide No 1 in coffee machines.

Experience the fun with De’Longhi

From the single-origin coffee bean to the most premium ground coffee, De’Longhi knows the perfect setting for any bean and has a very extensive library full of coffee recipes. Experience the adventure with your De’Longhi and serve coffee the way you want with at the push of a button or replicate, manually, what a barista would do. Always the freshest coffee and best home service. Enjoy the perfection with your De’Longhi.

An optimal living environment

In addition to that perfect cup of coffee, De’Longhi is also committed to an optimal living environment. It is important for our health: good air quality at home or in your work environment. Reduced air quality can cause health problems, while an optimal air quality precisely ensures that “get a breath of fresh air”. Sink into the sofa with a cup of coffee and a book, creating a pleasant living environment that contributes to the overall quality of life. De’Longhi provides comfort for the whole family. To maximize Enjoy De’Longhi has several options for partially providing comfort at home influence with, for example, air conditioning, dehumidification, humidification, air cleaning and additional heating.

Experience the adventure with your De’Longhi and enjoy the Italian art of coffee making, a comfortable climate and a delicious breakfast!