Responding to the rising popularity of cold brew and demand for quality coffee for the home, De’Longhi has its new La Specialista Maestro released. This semi-automatic espresso machine is equipped with Cold Extraction Technology. The revolutionary pump pressure espresso machine La Specialista Maestro EC9865.M from De’Longhi returns Cold Brew less than 3 minutes – instead of the traditional process that easily takes 12 hours.

This is how you bring the café experience into your home. Of 8 adjustable grinding degrees, 5 temperature settings and adjustable dosage, the La Specialista Maestro enables the home barista to be coffee selection manually for perfect extraction. This way you can adjust the machine completely to the type of beans, the branding and personal taste. In addition, the espresso machine over 8 preset hot and cold recipes including Cold Brew and Espresso Cool.

The cold recipes are all slightly different. Cold Brew has a light and refreshing taste, best served over ice, while Espresso Cool a unique De’Longhi developed recipe is. But watch out! This is definitely not just any traditional one chilled espresso. Although Espresso Cool may look like like an espresso with a thick crema layer, it tastes lighter and sweeter with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel and less bitter than a traditional espresso. Traditionally, cafes make cold brew by soaking ground coffee beans in water for 12 to 24 hours, this depends on the desired strength of the coffee.

The innovative technology behind La Specialista Maestro, which developed in collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), allows for an accurately measured water supply and pressure possible. This ensures that the La Specialista Maestro with specific extraction temperatures in less than 3 minutes a knows how to prepare delicious Cold Brew or Espresso Cool. So hold you have a lot of time left for other fun things in life.