DeepFaith, the experimental Australian pop group whose work channels psychedelia, techno-utopianism, and queer maximalism across a sprawling range of forms announce GLORIA IN TUMULTU, VERITAS IN FRAGORE PROPHETUS INSANUM (ACT 2), their new EP out April 19. 

“Dedicated to all the spiritual gurus, party monsters, insomniacs and celebrity whores.”

Accompanying the announcement is the release of lead single “Patti Smith,” a garbled electroclash transmission that straddles the line between affirmation and narcissist delusion. It’s a confrontational and alluring amplification of the most toxic self-talk imaginable. The video is AI-generated.

Patti Smith is a nonsensical one-take, live, electropunk brain dump, dedicated to all the spiritual gurus, party monsters, insomniacs, and celebrity whores. Serving as a universal anthem, a call to the people. Concluding with a catalog of affirmative expressions, it elucidates the potential of daily consumption to modulate the brain’s reward system, thereby engaging regions pivotal in linking positive stimuli with favorable results.


Late last year, DeepFaith made their US live debut opening a series of dates for Genesis Owusu, translating their bizarre online mischief into a visceral, punk-infused performance of surrealistic camp and sinewy grooves. Inspired by this real-world excursion, GLORIA IN TUMULTU, VERITAS IN FRAGORE PROPHETUS INSANUM (ACT 2) is a bloodier and more tangible expression of DeepFaith’s spiritual and sonic mission — the aural equivalent of a hand reaching out of your phone screen to bitchslap you and disrupt your endlessly scrolling electronic reverie. 

The EP will be accompanied by a special pink vinyl edition due out on Record Store Day (April 20), released via Impressed Records.