Experience the allure of DAWEI FW24 as they make a mark on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. With a masterful blend of architectural precision and poetic fluidity, DAWEI’s collection invites you to immerse yourself in a world where fashion becomes a vessel for storytelling and time-traveling adventures.

Read the story behind the collection:
“Like Woolf’s Orlando, she travels between different time and space.

At this moment, a gallery is holding its opening ceremony in Chelsea, New York. She is staring at an elegant lady standing in front of a painting — she came here from the Upper East Side, without any trace of enduring the hardships of a long journey. A fastener is doing its duty with due diligence to guard the switch on the black cape, and the round arcs pouring down from her shoulders form a safe range for her that says strangers are not welcomed. Obviously, the young girl not far from her has a very good taste in art. The technical satin has the texture of silk, on which whales are sewed, giving the black top and the overskirt a sense of line, as marvellous as abstract paintings.

Next scene, Milan in the 1990s. Compared to the game between black and white, this place is a gray intermediate region. She is hiding in a corner at a night party, seeing a lady taking off her dark gray tweed overcoat reluctantly and depositing it together with the wine red “Up to You Anthology” Lettera bag in her hand. And what catches her eyes most is the boy in a mottled gray suit, who is leaning on the bar side. Excellent texture and casual soft tailoring give consideration to both decency and unruliness, just like the nostalgic atmosphere flowing out carelessly at present, when everyone is raising their cups to propose a toast for something.

In the blink of an eye, it has been another half century. Judging by the costumes of the passersby around her, it should be Paris in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Grand elegance is the theme of everything — the corset gives the body a graceful curve, and the overskirt blooming from the waist is writing an ode for the beauty of women. Without any hint, the bright orange velvet and the emerald green silk make their gorgeous debut, like a solemn gesture prepared for ushering a new life, and also like an attempt to write a splendid ending for this long journey.

All the way, she chooses to be a bystander, leaving no traces of herself, but at the moment when she suddenly awakes, abundant colors and silhouettes are interwoven into gilded lights and shadows in her mind, as if she finds herself in an asymmetric patchwork woolen sweater, which is pieced together with broken pieces from different time and space. However, she doesn’t know that the reddish brown artificial leather jacket with shape memory that she touched after failing to refrain herself has the function of storing memory, and the special loops and whorls on the fabric are exactly the imprint of her presence.”