Inspired by – and excited for – the coming cozy and festive months, Cathari reveals yet another side of “The Woolrich Woman by Daniëlle Cathari”.

The sun seems to set a little earlier each day. Lampposts illuminate the streets as the summer heat gradually leaves the city. There’s something romantic about that early darkness. It allows us to take it easy. We are entering the months of coziness and festivities. The comfort of a warm home increases both the appeal of staying indoors yet also going out and spending time with our loved ones. The FW22 collection provides endless possibilities within this time of the year; allowing the modern woman to dress from the first day of fall to the last day of winter.

Playing with the concept of “the event & getting there”, this collection consists of the duality of statement- and understated pieces that can be effortlessly worn together. Mixing practicality and comfort with dressing-up and feeling feminine. The collection challenges the notion of materiality and its wearability, combining elements of delicacy together with classic outerwear materials and strong silhouettes. 

Season 3 explores the boundaries of classic Woolrich fabrics like quilted nylons, puffy outerwear materials, and chunky woolen yarns.

Cathari bridges the gap between chic and comfort by adding delicate detailing, such as a crocheted collar, to cozy outerwear styles like a classic puffer jacket. 

The two brands come together with style like the quilted mini dress, that is emblazoned with different quilting patterns, yet the elegant silhouette and its technical ivory material makes it a strong synergetic piece. 

For this FW22 collection, Cathari gives yet a new take on the Woolrich buffalo check. This time by translating the iconic check pattern in a delicate, snug, semi see-through knit piece that is constructed out of a fine merino yarn. Season 3 is the most versatile collection yet as it consists of classics – all designed with a twist – like ‘distorted’ cable knit sweaters and a 3-in-1 woolen overcoat, including a detachable quilted duvet jacket.