With the Daniëlle Cathari Spring/Summer ‘20 collection, Cathari introduced her collaboration with Dutch artist Nazif Lopulissa, which was focused on the ‘Krul’, standing for the “flourish or approval”. The ‘Krul’, which is a typical Dutch symbol used when doing something right or to check something off the list, was inspired and drawn from Cathari’s personal experiences and moments within.

When starting with this concept, Cathari came across the works of Nazif, got inspired and felt related to his choice of colors, materials and shapes; it was an instant match. The collaboration resulted in not only artworks for the clothing, it also marked the first multidisciplinary product for the brand with the ‘Krul’ art object.

To highlight the ‘Krul’, Daniëlle Cathari collaborated with Dutch director Daan van Citters to bring the object into visualization through a conceptual video. Told through different stories by individuals in their personal environments, the video focuses on a nostalgic feeling and the first memories of the typical Dutch symbol.

The multifunctional ‘Krul’ art object is available to purchase at daniellecathari.com.


Creative Director: Daniëlle Cathari

Director: Daan van Citters

DOP: Milan van Dril

Music: Joris Titawano

Artist collaborator: Nazif Lopulissa

Special thanks to Britta Flinterman, Gijs Bouwens, Vera van Erp, Boudine Ottevanger and Malou Wüstefeld.

watch the full video here: https://vimeo.com/431749774