Objects IV Life is a new brand founded by artist Daniel Arsham as an extension of his artistic practice. The brand is the product of a joint vision with Stefano Martinetto, CEO and Co-Founder of Tomorrow. Objects IV Life is an endless assembly of research, inquiry and exploration. 

With a collectors mindset, Objects IV Life comprises foundation pieces intending to build a wardrobe of uniforms for a creative way of life. Designed between New York City and London, all garments are made in Portugal and Los Angeles with custom hardware coming from Italy. For the denim the brand uses technical innovations to transform dead-stock materials from the past into objects of the future. The canvas rectangular tote is made in New York City also from dead-stock materials. 

(The campaign was photographed in New York City at Arsham’s studio by Joshua Woods and styled by Eric McNeal.)

Chapter 001 includes functional outerwear pieces including the Four Pocket Jacket, Workwear Blazer, Denim Jacket, Moleskin Hoodie Padded and Moleskin Shirt Jacket. Jeans are offered in three styles – wide leg, straight leg and baggy – with a color palette of pale pink, powder blue, patina green, anthracite and more. The collection also includes a canvas rectangular tote, steel-toed utility boot, cap and key charm object, plus tees & hoodies. 

“Objects IV Life is an evolving proof of concept, an endless work in progress, a tangible manifesto for change: you are the vehicle.” Daniel Arsham 

“Objects IV Life is the product of a meeting of minds and a shared ambition between Daniel and myself to establish a brand that creates elevated workwear and accessories that are intended not for a single season, but for a lifetime.” Stefano Martinetto

Objects IV Life Chapter 001 is available to order now at objectsivlife.com to ship globally.