For Fall/Winter 2021, Daily Paper explores the social philosophy of African Anarchism. Ideas of community and harmonious living structures reign supreme in this visionary world where humans take on the role of caretakers of the Earth that they inhabit. Tribal societies, togetherness and communal decision-making stand at the forefront. Daily Paper builds on the history of their ancestors and the knowledge and wisdom that they carry through time.

Ancestral Anarchy

Echoing an empowered Pan-African experience, the Fall/Winter 2021 campaign reflects the collection through kindred setups, mirroring effects and tribal elements. Aiming to define community in the wider sense, mirrors pose as an extension meant to show multiple societal layers. Tribal elements such as wooden and beaded necklaces alongside ancestral masks pick up the spiritual origin of the collection. 

With a retrospective into the past, Ancestral Anarchy draws on communal values that prevailed across the African continent during pre-colonial times. Centred around principles of sharing, giving and mutual respect, the collection’s guiding concepts find relevance in current times. 

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