Earlier this year, Daily Paper’s Spring/Summer 2020 campaign imagined how a future society could build the foundations of a new world. The concept motivates us to examine our multiple identities as the continuation of our collective movement into another realm. Combining ancient and future knowledge, all species can have a concept of a home that is endless, inclusive and universal according to Daily Paper.

Shot by Amsterdam based photographer Lois Cohen and styled by Indiana Roma Voss, the end-of-season ‘Alien Luv’ editorial seeks to redefine our perceptions of alien species through the topics of family, love and community. The images examine the subjective nature of beauty, and how our definition of physical attractiveness changes over time and between cultures. The editorial is accompanied by a short film by director Folkert Verdoorn, that explores the wider shifts in societal norms as alien species become integrated with humans and serves as a commentary on our vision towards race and culture. Leaving it up to the viewer to decide if we as humans, can allow our past mistakes to define us or if we can shift our consciousness, love each other and create a better future for all.


Creative direction: @loisycohen & @indianaromavoss
Photographer: @loisycohen
Agent / Producer: @celinebrill at Cake
Production manager: @victorgriffioen
Production assistant: @nikedolman
Photography assistant: @hyungbalkema
Stylist: @indianaromavoss
Stylist assistant: @leawilbrand
Special effects / prosthetics: @toki_made
Make up: Kathinka Gernant
Make up assistant: @romy_legger
Hair: @sikovanberkel
Hair assistant: @patrickburhenne
Hair assistant: Isa Hinloopen

Amber van Oirschot @ambervanoirschot
Reilly Do Rosario @reillyfreemn
Imani Selina @imaniselina
Aucilia Do Rosario
Ottawa @ottawakwami
Le Chayno @lechayno
Berber Bruessing
Philip van den Bosch