Following last year’s editorial in collaboration with the all-round creative Chakhani, this feature is centring the concepts of community and togetherness within a diverse family setting. 

The editorial builds on Daily Paper's four brand pillars; inclusion, unity, creativity and heritage. Uplifting each individual culture rather than excluding any, Chakhani uses the traditional family portrait as a vehicle to convey his message. 

Aligned with the brand’s values and vision, family is visualised as something not exclusively bound to a shared bloodline, but rather as something that can be chosen and celebrated in a multitude of ways.


Creative direction and photography: @chakhani.png
Styling: @hallafarhat
Assistant: @so.ambrosia
Set design: @marcusviniciusdq
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Casting: @tsellot @blackhead_concepts
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MUA: @bymailinh
Producer: @bbysu_chi
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