An Ode To Mauritius’ Precious Ecosystem

Journey with us to the beautiful African island of Mauritius, home to an incredible variety of landscapes, spectacular endemic wildlife, and a vibrant local community. In support of the island’s efforts to preserve its precious ecosystem, Daily Paper launches the capsule collection, Protect Paradise on Earth Day. 

To Enjoy Paradise Without Destroying It
Inspired by Mauritius’ lush nature and its inhabitants’ passion and tireless drive to preserve their gorgeous home, Daily Paper is proud to present the capsule collection Protect Paradise. The collection consists of a selection of summer staples, from bucket hats, swim shorts and co-ords with rich rainforest prints to jerseys and bags in the warm earth tones of the volcanic island.
In line with the island’s own sustainability efforts, the collection is produced with the use of eco-materials and sustainable production methods. All jerseys are made from 100% organic cotton, screen printed with low-impact ink and natural dyes. Main labels, hangtags and polybags, are also sustainable and biodegradable.
Photographer: Zach Apo-Tsang  | Female model: Michiko Foy   | Male model: Jemal J. Etnel 
Supporting the Mauritian Wildlife FoundationFrom turquoise lagoons and volcanic craters to subtropical rainforests full of exotic birds, monkeys, and reptiles – Mauritius is a true natural paradise. Still, the delicate ecosystem on this small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is under constant threat of the climate crisis and any environmental changes are immediately felt. Luckily, Mauritius has become a world leader in nature conservation, gradually ridding the islands of non-native and harmful species, and protecting endemic flora and fauna.

Instrumental in the island’s preservation efforts is the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, an NGO dedicated to restoring the forests and ecosystems. It has already brought many endemic animals, such as the Mauritius kestrel, the pink pigeon and the echo parakeet, back after the threat of extinction. In support of the NGO’s crucial work, Daily Paper partners up with the organization with a part of the collections’ proceeds going directly to the foundation. 
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