Commemorating the launch of the Flagship by celebrating the iconic stories of London's community

Amsterdam based fashion and lifestyle brand Daily Paper proudly announces the opening of its London Flagship store. With the inauguration on June 19, Daily Paper continues to cross borders and unite global communities against all odds. The store is located in the diverse Soho area, offering the ideal environment for the brand to bring its distinct Afro-centric take on culture to the UK.


Honouring London’s Iconic and Grassroot Talent

Daily Paper’s relationship with London dates back years, following the brand’s first pop-up store in 2018 in the city. Continuously building on community, Daily Paper has worked on many campaigns and collaborations with talents and creative teams from across the city. Projects like the UNITE campaign in partnership with FGUK magazine, and collaborations with Muslim Sisterhood and Jiggy Boyz are a few of many initiatives. 

As an extension of Daily Paper's journey alongside London's local heroes, the brand is debuting a series of in-house produced performances as Daily Paper: Unite Sessions. Launching simultaneously with the opening of the store,  the performances aim to showcase iconic and grassroots talents from across London. 

Store Design

Equipped with two floors, the store’s entrance is positioned on the ground floor. Visitors are led into the space through a small bridge in front of the entryway. A dark green stairwell at the back of the store sees a skylight that allows natural light to intuitively guide visitors to the downstairs area. With more than 200 sqm of retail space, the store offers plenty of room for potential community events and gatherings. A characteristic brick wall can be seen on the outside of the lower floor.

Store Facade

The storefront has been transformed into a full window facade, allowing an abundance of natural light to brighten up the space. Creating alignment with the NYC Flagship store, the London store picks up the shield logo on the door handle.


Floor Mosaic

Telling the story of Daily Paper’s heritage, a characteristic floor mosaic at the entrance depicts three animals symbolising the founder’s countries of origin. The lion, the leopard and the eagle represent Ghana, Morocco, Somalia respectively.

Walnut Staircase and Recyclable Furniture

Inviting warmth to the core of the store space, a walnut-covered staircase leads the way into the downstairs area. The latter sees a sitting and product display unit placed in the middle of the room, crafted from recyclable plastic plates and created by the Netherlands based The Good Plastic Company.

Custom-Designed Mannequins and Mirrored Walls 

With an aesthetic inspired by ancient Egyptian royalty, custom-designed mannequins pose as guardians of the store. Daily Paper continues to visually relate its global retail spaces by introducing the NYC store mannequin design in a new colourway. The clothing racks are made of stainless steel and embedded in the walls throughout the store. Fully covered in mirrors, the walls naturally enlarge the space and create room for light reflection.

Branded Monogram and Dutch Interior Influences 

Branded monogram print features on the seating display as a watermark and on the fitting room curtains. The clothing hooks in the fitting rooms pick up a 3D version of the monogram. Dutch interior design influences are reflected in the “Chubby” chairs by Dirk van der Kooij. The chairs are placed in each of the fitting rooms and are printed from ten kilograms of chipped, recycled fridge interiors.

The official opening of the London Flagship is taking place on June 19 at 11 AM BST.


Daily Paper London Flagship Store

14-16 Great Pulteney Street, Soho, W1F 9ND London

Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 7PM 

Sunday: 12 – 6 PM