d4vd, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter, renowned for his paradigm-shifting music that is gaining a lot of traction among Gen-Z listeners, will be sharing his new single “My House is Not A Home” on Friday, March 8.

You can now listen to and watch the music video for “My House is Not A Home” HERE!

“My House Is Not a Home” is a poignant, alternative ballad of loneliness, it covers a story of the deteriorating downfall of a strained relationship. With this song, d4vd showcases his eye for detail in songwriting, as he reveals his most personal and vivid lyrics to date. Listeners will be in awe with his remarkable vocal range, as he climbs to the very top of his register while singing in a falsetto.

d4vd kicked off 2024 with his two-pack single “Withering” leaning into his pop-rock sensibilities with new songs “Leave Her” and “2016.” Plus, a very exciting moment happened last week, where his career-defining single “Romantic Homicide” surpassed one billion streams on Spotify.

Watch his late-night TV debut on Jimmy Kimmy Live! performing “Romantic Homicide” here.