At the world premiere in Madrid, the unconventional challenger brand unveiled the new CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon, redesigned and enhanced to continue the success story. Alongside the two new models, CUPRA also announced CUPRA Design, a standalone design house. CUPRA continues to redefine what a car brand can be.

“The CUPRA Formentor and Leon have both been a driving force in the brand’s  success as it expands its footprint around the world. It’s an approach that has  been incredibly successful with close to 600,000 cars delivered since the  brand’s launch in 2018,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA. “The new CUPRA  Formentor and Leon are pure design obsession. Two models built to provoke  strong emotions and that strengthen the extraordinary bond with our Tribe. Two  models that represent what that small group of believers envisaged CUPRA  could be just a few years ago.”  

Cupra Design

The brand announced the creation of CUPRA Design, a new, standalone design  house. CUPRA Design will not only be responsible for the brand’s merchandise, but  it will also work with companies who connect with the brand’s philosophy and want to incorporate CUPRA’s style into their own brands. The ambition with CUPRA  Design is to become the go-to place for those who want bold, unconventional  designs, no matter their product or project. With the same design obsession that ignited the new CUPRA Formentor and  CUPRA Leon, the brand is also launching additional novelties together with its collaborative partners. 

MAM, the sustainable jewellery brand from Barcelona, is joining CUPRA to create a line including a ring, and “Welcome to the Tribe” standard and limited-edition bracelets. The products are made from ruthenium and copper, materials CUPRA utilizes in its vehicle designs. to capture an essence of raw authenticity. 

And for the second time, CUPRA has teamed up with Barcelona lighting design  studio Marset for the mesmerizing Dipping Light, a colorful reinterpretation of the  brand’s iconic lamp. The event showcased this unique and exclusive piece that  shares CUPRA’s aesthetics values of being refined and sophisticated, yet emotional and unconventional.


The “CUPRA Design Obsession” was a unique visual show in Plaza de Cibeles in the  heart of Madrid. CUPRA’s values were presented as never seen before.  

The location was filled with large screens that formed a suspended catwalk where virtual models that embody the 9 principles of the brand’s forward-looking vision appeared to walk in front of the audience. The idea behind the catwalk was to identify and understand individually the ingredients that make CUPRA design unique. To illustrate their personal and individual attitudes, each avatar represented a value that makes CUPRA a brand loved by some, but not liked by everybody, including a rebellious spirit that challenges the status quo; the spirit of the Tribe inviting drivers to be one of us; and the obsession that impulses the brand to keep improving every day.


The new CUPRA Formentor builds on the proportions and design details that have made the Crossover SUV such a huge success. The vehicle’s aesthetic and overall package that helped it win the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2021 have been accentuated and amplified, delivering an emotional, striking, and sporty visual.

The new CUPRA Formentor introduces the new CUPRA design language DNA, with the shark-nose front end, triangular matrix LED headlights and big, bold lower mouth. The front of the new CUPRA Formentor is strong and determined, integrating the CUPRA logo directly on to the bonnet above the large front grille and bookmarked by the optional matrix LED front headlights that incorporate the signature design – three illuminated triangles framed within a triangle.

The raw emotion of the new CUPRA Formentor’s exterior design is reflected inside with an interior that mixes sportiness and sustainability with a range of digital technologies and material choices. The new CUPRA Formentor greets the driver and passenger with a welcome ceremony, projecting the CUPRA logo onto the ground and an illuminated doorstep. Once inside the sense of change becomes clearer with a range of new materials and approaches to the cabin design.

The dashboard surfaces use 3D parametric pattern to deliver tactility and optical interest in the surface. The centre console is newly designed with greater precision in each of its details, and improved materials to increase the interior quality. While the copper accents located around the cabin, including on the air vents add to the style. The infotainment system comes with an improved App Bar, widgets, and Clima Bar for an easy-to-use user interface. It’s all about simplicity, personalization, and cutting-edge design. Climate control is now seamlessly integrated into the main unit’s screen, making all vehicle functions and assistants accessible with just a single click, joining the digital and physical interactions. The Formentor is equipped with a 12-speaker Sennheiser audio sound system. The system delivers the pure signature Sennheiser sound that is trusted by music creatives and artists from all over the world.


The new CUPRA Leon 5D and CUPRA Leon Sportstourer are designed to impress and create a wow factor. Each vehicle, no matter the body style, delivers the brand’s DNA with a totally new face, stronger character, and evolved sportiness to match the vehicles’ character. Similar to the new CUPRA Formentor, the Leon follows the new CUPRA design language DNA.

The front of the new CUPRA Leon is strong and determined, a theme that follows across the whole exterior of the car. At the rear of the new CUPRA Leon 5D and Sportstourer strength is added by the V-shaped volume of the tailgate connecting with the rear blister that flows through from the car’s side. The two-tone muscular bumper shows both sophistication, sportiness, and quality while helping to visually lower the car to the ground.

The new Leon models also feature the updated infotainment system, 3D parametric dashboard and projected CUPRA logo. The CUPRA Leon integrates a new optional high-fidelity 12-speaker audio sound system developed in collaboration with the audio experts of Sennheiser Mobility. The high-powered 390-watt system immerses the driver and the passengers in a unique sound experience. It’s an audio technology that incorporates Sennheiser’s AMBEO Concerto software, able to distil fundamental components of music, including different instruments and room information, redistributing them throughout the car.