The renowned Amsterdam-based culinary group Caron opened the new restaurant
Tannay close to Westerpark. Previously called “De Gouden Reael,” it has recently undergone
modifications, paying homage to chef Thomas Demuth’s hometown in the French countryside. In a calm, simple and homely décor, Tannay revisits classic French cuisine with a Dutch twist, a fusion that chef and founder Alain Caron mastered after 3 decades of bringing French gastronomy to local tables.

The magic happens once you cross a white wooden bridge, inside a picturesque Dutch house where a copper plate fixed on the facade bears the name of the establishment. Inside, you will discover a charming environment without pretension. One can take a seat at the tables or decide to dine in the kitchen, watching the cooks operate with precision and the summer terrace is perfect for late warm evenings.

The menu is almost exclusively written in French, for some authenticité, and present two 5 courses options, one vegetarian and one mixed food. The dishes proposed are timeless classics of French cuisine, but chef Demuth elevated the meals with intricate presentations and a delicate approach to the taste like no other. Tannay works exclusively with seasonal products, to ensure the quality of the experience. The wine menu is extensively long (for our greatest pleasure) to guarantee you the perfect pairing for your meal.

At the heart of Tannay and all of Alain Caron’s restaurants lies the philosophy to make cooking pleasurable and genuine. As we all know that the best cooking on Earth is made by our mothers, grandmothers and loving guardians, Thomas Demuth is recreating this tenderness in every one of his dishes. Savouring some “Petit pois à la française” or “Mara des Bois” will feel like a travel through childhood memories.

Tannay is opened from Monday to Sunday, 18:00 to 00:00 at Zandhoek 14
1013 KT Amsterdam