C.P. Company’s iconic Metropolis jacket has been remastered as part of the brand’s Urban Protection range, which was first developed in 1998 with a collection of innovative and conceptual garments that could be transformed to protect the wearer. The very first piece in the original Urban Protection line, the Metropolis Jacket defines an overarching concept of NEXT LANDSCAPE that inspires the collection. 

A theme developed by C.P. Company design team for the FW020 collection, NEXT LANDSCAPE represents a hopeful image of how nature infiltrates the urban landscape.  To launch the jacket, the brand presents a film interpreting this theme through the lens of James Massiah, a contemporary poet and musician whose work dissects the relationships between an ever-changing city and its communities.

The visual realization of NEXT LANDSCAPE confronts current tensions between a metropolitan existence and a renewed natural way of living, exploring the duality of urban spaces and their organic elements. Concepts of urban decay and regrowth touch on contemporary feelings of hope through Massiah, as his visionary words offer an honest take on the endlessly evolving environment of the city. 

“NEXT LANDSCAPE is about the inevitability of change and the passage of time. In doing so, it places a special significance on those things, which throughout time and in the midst of change, remain constant.”

The FW020 Metropolis jacket has been recreated in Dyneema, a weatherproof proprietary material with the highest strength–to-weight ratio of any man-made fibre; approximately eight times that of high-strength steel. This incredibly light yet resilient fabric is combined with an elaborate system of pockets (a signature C.P. Company feature), an adjustable face mask and detachable branded ID badge detail – unique to the Urban Protection range.

Launching as part of a reimagining of the Urban Protection series, honouring a landmark in the brand’s history, the Metropolis Dyneema will be available from 7thSeptember from cpcompany.com, cpcompany.co.uk, C.P. Company flagship stores and exclusive selected retailers worldwide.

watch their new short film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2YV71Z-VPU