21 January



Since its foundation in 1971, C.P. Company has been propelled by the same values and elements that are still integral to the brand today whilst creating a fine balance between craftsmanship and textile technology. Today, 50 years later, C.P. Company is ready to celebrate the origins of sportswear as we know it, through an intense program of authentic collaborations, community driven activities and respectful homages to five decades of human innovation.



Throughout 2021 C.P. Company will release a special item every month, in collaboration with other brands or developed internally. Each product will represent a part of brand's DNA and a step in the development of Italian sportswear, the entirely new genre of clothing, pioneered by the brand. The final result will be a complete wardrobe, an intimate furnishing that will include not only clothing but memories, mementos, toys, books and posters, to frame the narrative of C.P. Company’s 50th anniversary. Symbol of the celebration is a flag made of C.P. Company iconic fabrics all sewn together and garment dyed as a unique piece of cloth. The flag holds the brand's main pillars: the expertise in fabric technical research and the dyeing techniques development.