Choosing an electric bike plays a big role when it comes to your health and well-being. Not only are you more out in the open air to clear your head, you are also more in motion. Especially the design of the e-bike, which makes cycling more practical and comfortable, encourages people to get on this eye-catcher.

Why now?
Although offers are flying around your ears, buying an electric bike is an investment that brings many benefits. For example, you can leave the car at home more often or skip a ride on public transportation, and you are getting more exercise. That saves searching for a parking spot or waiting for the train, as well as saving emissions. A Cowboy survey shows that about 50% of Cowboy riders replace their car ride with the e-bike?

The Cowboy 3
The model is known for its minimalist and award-winning design. In addition, the bike features a handy app that allows you to see everything about your ride and route at a glance. With a kick on the pedal and thanks to the natural pedal assistance, you will ride smoothly and easily to your destination. No buttons or gears required. The bike fully adjusts to your desired speed. Moreover, it is also possible to choose Cowboy Care. Should you have a puncture, a mechanic will come to you for maintenance or repair. Ideal right?
Starting November 22, you can buy a Cowboy 3 for €1,190. A unique opportunity that is rare. The e-bike is available until November 30, 2022 until supplies last.

The following prices apply. The more patient you are, the more benefit is included, while supplies last.
€1,190 for delivery in April
€1.290 for delivery in March
€1,390 for delivery in February
€1,990 for delivery in January
Place your order through the Cowboy website.