Courrèges Men’s collection and Women’s SS24 pre-collection are born from a meeting cinematic – a tale of self-exploration and subversion captured through visual cues of a road trip.

Taking the student uniform as a starting point, our story unfolds around the motifs essentials of adolescent transformation and transition to adulthood. The trajectory of this season ventures beyond the borders of the Courrèges wardrobe, embarking on its history while structure in an emancipatory impetus.

Like an archeology of the future, the collection ties in with the spirit of the road and advances the contours of the brand. “Let’s get away from it all” *intimate, from the side of a freeway, a billboard faded by the sun.

This season, Nicolas Di Felice opens his story on the key pieces of varsity, revisited for contemporary youth: pin-striped mini-skirts and suit pants are curved at the seams, wrapping around the waist like a towel tied on the spot. Oxford micro-tiles and campus T-shirts with bondage straps are the mascots of a protesting wardrobe. The #40 is a rallying sign – the street number of the historic Courrèges workshop is the standard ambitions of our team.

Gradually, backpacker finishes subvert the clean lines of varsity outfits. A double-breasted jacket and vinyl micro-shorts become fetishized by an array of leather straps with silver metalwork. Neck harnesses and threadbare jackets draped over shoulder bags prepare the body and its desires for the heat of the desert.

Little by little the essential accessories for the quest appear: the go-go boots are zips and attaches to the thigh, finger belts yearn to be released, Bowling bags oversized sunglasses and crystal blue sunglasses are calling the skies.

Thereafter, the hedonistic togas convene a New-Age paradigm; organic cotton wraps the arch of the body in an openwork knit. Sleek without being conventional, parkas in cotton gabardine, biker jackets and scuba pants reinvent the vernacular of the desert.

The faux-agate pendants in colored resin and palladium steel are the totems of our tribe in become. The dresses and skirts built in the shape of geometric intersections echo the logo of the house and unite the whole.

Finally, the shock of black on white, of the prismatic fishnet veiling the bare skin, recreate the red-orange shimmer of a mesmerizing sunset. As dusk falls on Death Valley, our protagonists roll towards the end of an era, exploring the conventions dynamited and the sensual crossover of renewed expressions of their freedom.

“Anyplace for those who care

Zabriskie Point is anywhere

Time runs out so fast on love

too good to last, so young”

Excerpt from the song “So Young” by Roy Orbison. (1970)