Prepare to be mesmerized as Courrèges unveils its FW24 collection, a symphony of symmetry and sensuality. Each garment is a testament to the designer’s meticulous process, where primary shapes evolve into captivating expressions of style and sophistication.

In the beginning, there was a gesture. The intimate choreography of a hand wrapping a scarf around a neck. Then came shape. The scarf’s geometry guiding the design of each pattern, its fluid plasticity releasing heritage cuts from their expected formality.

A study of symmetry and sensuality, the FW24 collection shifts the paradigms of Nicolas Di Felice’s Courrèges. Both instinctive and methodic, his reductive process draws its strength from the infinite potential of primary shapes. Through playful takes on functionality, the collection explores hybrid combinations that reveal the body’s singularity. Key features of classic styles – the notched lapel of a coat, the ribbed straps of a tank top, the riveted waistband of biker pants – are mirrored on their hems and cuffs like siamese trims.

In the final flourish of silhouettes, bias-cut slip dresses, latex footwear, lingerie finishings and leather pin-up bras take the story behind closed doors… As bodies disrobe, feather appliqués mimic the electrified texture of goosebumps, while blindfold-inspired sunglasses express sensual surrender. Throughout, the newly expanded Holy bag – seen in an array of seasonal prints and leathers – is the companion of confidential escapes…

The soothing tempo of a woman’s breath fills the space like a beating heart. ‘Take it, Take it slow’ she chants, as the silhouettes shed their protective layers. Little by little, Di Felice’s quest for heightened emotions builds up like shivers in the surrounding scene. In a surreal chain reaction, the Lycra-covered catwalk inflates like a heaving chest. Conjured by Nicolas Di Felice and artist Rémy Brière, and creative polymaths Matière Noire, this living, throbbing scenography is charged with a visceral energy that is driven to its unstoppable climax.

Set to an ascending soundscape – composed by Sene, Sophie Koella and Di Felice himself – the show closes on the haunting melody of Chopin’s ‘Nocturne’ as the last model, sheathed in black silk, glides weightlessly past the audience.

True to the architectural fantasy of Courrèges, the FW24 collection casts each garment as an actor of living geometry, a protagonist of the unravelling of a body’s passions in pursuit of the ultimate thrill.