Since its beginnings in 1971, luxury hair brand Cotril has been loved by many people all over the world. Having grown into one of the salon-dominating names in 11 worldwide markets like Italy and Spain, Cotril’s sense of luxurious Italian haircraftmanship is now ready to leave its imprint on the Dutch market. This year, the brand celebrated its 50 year anniversary, looking back at a legacy of over 150 products, over 14 lines of specialized haircare, and its own state of the art education academy. By operating its own research laboratories and factory plants, Cotril ensures grade-A quality hair products, all created in Milan, Italy.

“An Iconic story, made, shaped and born in Italy.”

Years of expertise, world-famous fans, and luxurious in every way: Cotril. An international reference point for the world of hair colour, styling, and salon treatments: Cotril has built itself to become an established name in the fashion and film world. 100% made in Italy, the luxury hair brand ensures that every need of a hairstylist and its clients is met with a range of professional products. The brand arrives to the Dutch market for the first time, with the promise to bring a level of unprecedented Italian luxury to the Netherlands.

Thanks to the brand’s sense of pure refinement and the high quality of its portfolio of products, Cotril has become one of the most popular hair brands within the high-end segment. The brand’s luxurious, professional salon products have been seen in the dressing rooms of the brightest stars, backstage on movie sets, and at fashion shows. Via Italy's most desirable hair stylists, its most famous personalities, artists and film stars all want to be part of the fascinating world of Cotril. This is ensured by Cotril being present at spectacles like the Venice Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and all top-of-the-bill events during the international fashion weeks. Recent collaborations of interest include styling the hair of Italian pride and Eurovision winners Måneskin, and working closely together with multi-media mega-personality Cecila Rodriguez.

The products are all manufactured independently and in-house, and are 100% made in Italy in Cotril’s own research and development lab sites in Bollate, Milan. Because of that, for the past 50 years, Cotril has not only shown a fierce commitment to grade-A performance, but also to sustainability. Being a green brand from day 1, Cotril has shown its commitment to nature in the form of targeting CO2 emissions, never testing on animals, and starting a project in collaboration with Treedom, planting over 1000 trees in the heart of Tanzania, working closely together with local communities. This is something they’ve done silently and under the radar, as it is their belief that taking care of Mother Earth is something that should come natural to every brand.

Cotril is available in select Salons and via their website.