Corneliani designs a new ‘circle’ of values and products of low environment impact, based on responsibility and transparency at every stage of the manufacturing cycle.

CIRCLE is a stylistic and productive code that symbolizes the life cycle; it is the beginning of a new path of social and environmental awareness and responsibility; it is a 'circle' of people and products through which the brand renews its ties with its long-standing clients and new eco-sustainable consumers, who are increasingly attentive to the nature of what they choose to wear.

With this project, the company writes the first chapter of a new story that reflects the constant dialogue with the final buyer and the need for a concept of elegance that is not only aesthetic, but also, and above all, ethical. From this comparison comes a first capsule collection of garments united by the exclusive use of natural and organic fibers from companies and suppliers who have long since embarked on the path of sustainability.

Through this approach, Corneliani starts a first phase of change and prospective alignment with the methods, certifications and international standards that regulate the compatibility of industrial processes. The company’s management team and the brand's production chain unite with an alternative mentality and a concrete conduct aimed at integrating and guaranteeing the new generation values, centered on transparency and traceability. The path inaugurated by Corneliani aims to implement and operate new system synergies that allow the company to expand its horizons and increase its quality thanks to a solid and conscious vision, shared both within the team and with all contacts and suppliers in the production chain. The will to act in a positive and responsible way implies a natural reflection on primary issues such as the protection of the territory, the well-being of people and the definition of effective solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions and water and energy consumption, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact and the waste of non- renewable resources. Closing the 'circle' presupposes a commitment to transparent, clear and verified information regarding the choices made in this new path, guided by sustainable thinking in the direction of a more modern and healthy production system.

Corneliani CIRCLE debuts with six total looks with an essential, versatile and urban taste, faithful to the identity, style and excellence that have always distinguished the brand. The capsule is integrated in the SS 2020 collection and includes outerwear, trousers, shirts, knitwear and footwear. The capsule is distinguished by a dedicated label and product tags, in which the customer will also find a link to a dedicated section in with all information on materials and production.

The CIRCLE means:

  • Circle of transparency and inclusion with respect to the new values adopted by the company.

  • Circle of communication on the quality of the new generation and on the different aspects concerning style,

    innovation and responsibility.

  • Circle of territoriality.

  • Circle of research and development with the team inside and outside the company.