With Spring-Summer 2024, Corneliani reshapes the identity of its Circle project from a style-focused space to a creative platform open to new voices and ever-changing collaborations across different worlds including art, design, architecture photography and more.

The Circle universe will continue to enhance the brand’s vision of natural elegance while expanding its model as a circle of sustainable solutions, a circle of imagination, a circle of cross-cultural influences and a circle for an inclusive, ongoing dialogue with other creative minds from the contemporary scene.

Every season, a guest collaborator will be invited to conceptualize and create new synergies embodying the key pillars at the core of the project: concern for the environment, mindful craftmanship and lasting elegance.

The first act of this new narrative features the collaboration with Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard, the duo behind the Paris-based design & architecture studio GGSV, who interpreted the essence of the project as a circular pavilion conceived as a new natural world of elegance and sustainability.

In compliance with the company’s circular approach, the special set up and artwork will continue to exist far beyond the walls of Corneliani’s historical headquarters in Milan, as the on-site installation will be donated to public institutions or private organizations* to extend its life cycle and reach a wider audience.

Days before the Circle SS24 official presentation at Milan’s Fashion Week, Gaëlle and Stéphane flew from Paris to Milan to build a majestic mosaic dome assembled by hand with giant tiles of marbled paper produced in Italy by Riccardo Cavaciocchi, founder of Paper Factor and expert architect specializing in the manufacture of eco papier mâché textures. The team was also joined by renowned French painter Matthieu Lemariè, who tinted each tile before the final assemblage, blending a curated spectrum of earth and natural nuances evoking the color palette of the Circle SS24 Collection.

Erected in the foyer of the historical Corneliani Palazzo Durini, the huge circular arena becomes a tactile, immersive stage for the SS24 looks displayed both inside and outside its perimeter.

In this organic sphere, the new Circle Collection takes center stage to reaffirm its founding manifesto of growing responsibility towards people and the planet, a guiding principle that is firmly rooted in the use of lower impact Italian fabrics and practices, favoring the transformation and recycling of what already exists instead of producing new materials that would further impact the ecosystem.

For the next spring-summer season, the brand’s commitment to sustainability informs an attentive choice of organic and certified materials such as twill linen, techno wool, jersey, cotton piqué and the finest blends from mouliné cotton and viscose to chevron wool, linen and silk.

Always at the core of the collection, the conception of timeless menswear archetypes, imbued with pure elegance and savoir-faire, leads to the resignification of the brand’s tailoring tradition through an extremely relaxed and refined spirit.

Silhouettes are reworked with an even more lightweight and soft touch, giving life to new co-ords with layered jackets in different proportions, perfected with painstaking details and sleek finishes to confer depth and distinction to luxurious lifewear.

A natural colorway sets the tone for casual sophistication and elevated minimalism, with fluid volumes in white and beige tones, invigorated by the bold twist of acid green and brick red.

Shades of grey, also saturated in Prince of Wales plaid, frame a new notion of formal dressing made of airy constructions punctuated by elaborate stitching and seams that are emblematic of Corneliani’s mastery.

White and black dominate days and evenings with uncomplicated elegance, over flat crisscross sandals and deer-print leather loafers, while an expanded knitwear offers ranges from ultra-fine to heavyweight shapes with mouliné effects, rib motifs, interlock stitches and cable textures.