In his creative collaboration with Corneliani, Paul Surridge focuses on traditional menswear archetypes  and sartorial separates, starting a subtle process of recrafting and rejuvenation that leads to a regained sense of pure elegance and savoir-faire. 

The difference between how clothes feel vs. how they look is explored through a notion of positive luxury in which sustainability is not only expressed through updated fabrications in responsible materials but also through their smart way to last for a long time and follow the real life of men of the now.  

Corneliani’s distinctive codes are celebrated and revisited in the new core essentials of the modern wardrobe, crafted in Italy, and infused with a touch of nostalgic escapism inspired by a Mediterranean summer.  

Sartorial suits and separates are reworked with an effortless and informal approach, resulting in simplified proportions with elevated ease and attitude. Premium textures, sleek tones and classic patterns combine in a youthful yet timeless take on the House’s tradition, adapting to different contexts from social moments to downtime. Surridge builds the blocks of an all-purpose look equally driven by style and utility,  freedom of self and rigorous execution. 

Authentic masculine elegance is brought back with soft tailoring, elaborate precision and detailing, as  true luxury in the designer’s eyes comes from quality, good taste and the confidence that a man senses when feeling comfortable and at ease in his clothes.  

“The new luxury is impeccable style with good taste”.  

Paul Surridge