The fable explores the theme of The Wolf The Wolf and the Lamb written in 1668. The fascinating idea of the fables of La Fontaine is considered an essential masterpiece, hence it is nurtured to the young generation since this day. A fable usually depicts animals that possess human characteristics, Jean de la Fontaine created these little stories with a hidden criticism for the French  Nous l’allons montrer tout à l’heure. Society of the 17th Century. 

This collection is an interpretation of this fable but transported in 2023. Coperni  raises the question of “Who are the wolves and the lambs in the contemporary social configurations?” What always fascinates Coperni is the relationship between technology and human beings. Are we dominated by technology, or on the contrary, is it us that we dominate it?

This collection is inspired by the iconography of tales, and it is transposed to the world now.

Coperni is reimagining the capes and the draping of the Little Red Riding Hood which transports us into the carelessness of our adolescence. The collection explores these concepts of fragility and danger along with the purity and naivety that transports us into an imaginary world of myths. The collection delves into several different shapes relating to these fables as large hoods assembled into tops, jackets and dresses. 

Coperni explores different concepts, recreates shapes to capture this feeling of comfort, reimagining the warmth of a blanket wrapped around the body that supports the construction but also functions. Prints are reimagined from the Wolf and the Lamb fable gravure from Gustave Doré, in this occasion the story has been tweaked and the world turns into little robots. 

Metal bags have been woven by hand by craftsmen that reimagine the basket, to capture the relationship between youth and the techno element. 

Origami shapes in bags and shoes explore the concept of nature and flowers in a techno way. On the ready to wear pieces we have utilised leather from waste which has been upcycled and repurposed for our collection in solid colors and exclusive printed designs. The garments hug the figure and are a reconstruction between damaged and proper, almost as if you are escaping from the wild. Tweed fabric is used in similar way showing the old tradition of weaving but used in modern shapes such as deconstructed skirts and classic elegant troupe-l’œil jackets. 

One of our main stories in the collection is the Emoji theme, which represents the current generation and brings a sense of humor and playfulness. This theme is used throughout the collection from jewelry to bags and belts but also attached to garments as a jewel. A locket necklace has been recreated with the shape of the Swipe Bag that portrays heritage that reminisces an older generation.

Coperni has been the mentor of the material section at ENSAD school this year (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs). They have selected the work of Lorelei Borgies. The embellished pieces explore the relationship of romance and insurance in contrast with the techno futuristic elements of the collection. The effect of the reflective material once exposed to the light creates a shine that transforms you to a magical and dreamy world.

Hybrid jackets and trousers in biker style, cropped, cut out and patchworked with different materials displaying the protection and utility that brings a certain dynamism and empowerment to the society.

Rubber boots below the knee that can be worn all day long reimagined to the lifestyle of wildlife. Coperni is offering tailoring through mixed materials such as leather and woven fabrics that portray a youthful mix between classic and techno chic. Hybrid denim that can be worn in different ways have been recreated and deconstructed that bring a refreshing approach

Spandex tops and dresses with strong manipulation of draping and pleating have been designed with the purpose of a fairytale apparel recreated by scraps and that can be worn in different styles.

Coperni loves to explore and experiment with intricate materials. After the glass bag and the 18karat bag, this season we have created the mini “Meteorite” Swipe Bag together with our external partners. The bag has been 3D printed by our Italian supplier Semar in partnership with Theatrum Mundi which represents an eclectic selection of paleontological specimens such as dinosaurs, fossils and meteorites which coexist in perfect harmony with contemporary myths. The Meteorite stone has been crafted by hand and incorporated into the bag. This bag is reimagined by the moonlight and brings us a sense of illusion with a natural element.

Embellished hand embroidered silver shiny feathers have been applied to dresses and tops that transport you to nature with a techno twist that reproduces an industrial effect. Silk scarf tops designed to capture an ethereal movement, a shape that holds the figure and protects the chest.

Knitwear outfits such as tops, dresses and skirts explore different textures and recreate the concept of a man-made fur skin with a soft and comforting touch.

This fashion show features the «Spot®» robots from the American company Boston Dynamics in relation with human beings. The figure of the wolf is replaced by Spot robots, whereas the lambs by human beings. The fashion show unravels the story of their encounter, their mutual taming and their cohabitation. Coperni shows that there is neither a dominant nor a dominated, but that the man and the machine live in harmony. Coperni reinterprets the story and transposes it to the year of 2023 with a positive vision of the future.

Styling: Helena Tejedor
Creatives: Kevin Tekinel & Charles Levai

Casting: Samuel Ellis DM casting

Music: u.r.trax
Choregraphy: Eric Cristonson
Video: Alexandre Silberstein

Hair: Duffy with l’Oreal
Make up: Fara Homidi with La Mer

Press: Lucien Pagès Communication

Production: La Mode en Images

Spot® Boston Dynamics
Sales: Tomorrow Ltd