Coperni Resort 25 embodies the lifestyle of the modern young woman starring Nora Attal and captured by Jonathan Frantini; at Villa Galaxie, south of France, Cannes, an old architectural house inspired by Californian modernism.

Inspired by the spirit of the 1970s, the collection pays homage to the innovators and dreamers who shaped the technology landscape we know today. This collection captures the essence of this woman, embodying her blend of sophistication and technological prowess.

Written boldly in bright yellow on a hoodie, the iconic slogan «Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish» popularized in the back pages of Whole Earth Catalog—a beloved magazine among tech enthusiasts for its DIY guides on building computers and rockets—resonates throughout the collection.

Highlighted in the collection are asymmetric denims with unique cuts, skirts, and the new one-leg pants, which evoke the DIY spirit of the 1970s tech pioneers. These pieces reflect the ingenuity and creativity of Silicon Valley’s early days, where resourcefulness and a hands-on approach were key. Archetypal pieces, such as striped polos with white collars reimagined from Stanford University’s classic attire, are turned into bodysuit as seen on the last Coperni show. Additionally, the iconic body-parka bodysuit now comes in a refreshing pool blue colorway, adding a vibrant twist to the ensemble. Leather jackets inspired by 1970s San Francisco and sequin elements bring a touch of the flower power movement, emphasizing freedom and individuality.

Long knit striped green and navy-blue beach dresses and bodysuits adorned with the metallic Coperni logo exude relaxed luxury, while long structural jersey dresses add a soft and easy – to wear touch. The UFO dresses from the last Fall-Winter 2024 collection have been transformed into denim and tailoring miniskirts, infusing an avant-garde flair into the Resort 25 Collection.

A new spring-inspired print with apples pays homage to Apple Inc., while also nodding to the apple orchards and fruit fields of Silicon Valley. This print appears on 70’s wrap dresses styled over denim wide-leg pants and knitwear pieces like cropped cardigans and matching culottes. Shades of lemon yellow, pale rose, vibrant blue, and grass green lend a fresh air to this cruise collection. For the first time, Coperni introduces swimwear, with the iconic Flower Gown reimagined as a one-piece swimsuit and bikini echoes the flower power movement.

The campaign captures various settings within Villa Galaxie, from poised moments in front of her garage to leisurely scenes by the pool or in her living room, showcasing the effortless integration of her wardrobe with her lifestyle. The normcore aesthetic is evident, with safety vests and flat shoes that echo Steve Jobs’ barefoot walks, underscoring a blend of comfort and innovation. We can see logo-adorned ballerinas and toe shoes in black, white, and rhinestone-studded versions for an elegant twist. A new crossbody bag and logo tote bag serves as perfect companions for vacation getaways.

The Resort 25 collection embodies the lifestyle of a modern young woman, reflecting her french rivera and tech-savvy persona.