Coperni has always given priority to the sun, to daylight, to clear and distinct ideas. But with the sun cometh the night. She shows the world di erently – guiding us as always but also urging in a new time, a time to welcome in the unpredictable. Whether it’s mid- night or midday, the night is our window to see what is possible.

70x participants depart from their homes in 35x electric cars. Each vehicle will navigate the streets of Paris before arriving in the great hall of the Accord Arena in Bercy, the 12th arrondissement of the City of Light. The cars and their passengers will move into the darkness of the empty hall – enough space for over 20,000 in normal times. The choreo- graphy takes place after the vehicles have moved in to formation, becoming an integral part of the catwalk. The car radios turn on and announce the start of lming. Each indi- vidual set of headlights will light up as the rst model passes by, allowing participants to view the collection through their car window.

The Winter 21 collection is an exploration into the complexity and the mystery of night- time as we know it: sometimes pitch-black, sometimes dotted with stars, sometimes il- luminated by the moon. The night-time of celebration, of seduction and of plunging into the unknown is opposed to the nighttime of sleep, of resting our bodies and allowing dreams to take over our mind and our soul.

Frank and dynamic cuts on classic silhouettes let us glimpse the skin lying beneath. The shoulders are raised, the arms are slender – ready to enter in to the darkness. Sensuality arises from a play on zipped drapintg. Second skin mesh opposes the moving fringes. Bags in the shape of a padlock suggest something locked away in darkness. Maxima- lised forms lead us towards calmness, reconciliation and time for ourselves. Softness protects the body and light becomes therapy.

This night will be an experience. Sébastien Meyer & Arnaud Vaillant